Sunday, April 1, 2012

Under Construction

My blog is under construction for now! Please check back in a bit! All the posts I posted died and went to heaven and for some reason the pics I uploaded won't load so...its time to RENEW! for now here are some stuff~

this was for Arriane of, she is one of the most inspiring Filipinas I've met. Please do check out her site!

 Then here we have my Art Cards, gonna paint a ton of these. As you can see i think I have about 8 pcs done, which is not a lot. But I plan on continuing this until I reach 50-80 pcs? wish me luck!

 a friend of mine kept calling me mushroom head cuz of my hair. So here's something inspired by that -.-
thanks alot Kevin :|
 GOLD GOLD GOLD paint everywhere I just love to abuse my gold acrylics :> I know its a ad habit but I'm trying my best to not use it anymore. NOT.

 Most of these things are inspired by the colors, culture, icons, paintings of the Chinese. Yes, I am self-searching and have found passion in my own culture. Well cuz I AM Chinese and all.

currently inspiration: Szechuan culture, peoples, music

my blog is currently in its RENEWAL stage so please bear with me. :3

love lots,
Audz <3

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  1. Lovely paintings! I wish you luck on your projects! Sad that your previous works posted on the blog are gone though :(